Week 6

We had a great week back at school after our Late Summer Break. The students were excited to share stories from their week away. We had a lot to squeeze into our first week back with Monday off, so we got right to work with SMART Goals and Core Skills Time. I love the energy …

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Week 5

We have spent a lot of time these last five weeks establishing rituals and traditions within our day and building a sense of community which will lead to more meaningful collaboration on projects and discoveries as we move forward. We have also laid the foundation for understanding what it means to be on a Hero’s …

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Week 4

We had a productive week here at Acton Academy. With the students directing themselves more and more in the choices they make for their core work, we were able to spend a lot of time this week talking about what being a hero means to us and what it means to be on a Hero’s …

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East Valley Acton Academy

Week 3

It was another action packed week here at East Valley Acton Academy. It is incredible how much we have gotten to know each other and function as a group in only 15 days! While the learners certainly enjoy each other’s company, they are starting to choose activities more based on interest in the activity than …

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It was another full and meaningful week. Students delved deeper into their individual core work in reading, writing (poetry) and math. As a group, we continued to get to know each other and work through similarities and differences that create conflict and opportunity for thoughtful resolution. In PE, learners played games that allowed them to …

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Acton Academy Week 1

Week 1

We had a great first week! How incredibly lucky we are to have such a great group of learners! This week, the Tribe spent time getting to know each other and our new environment, chose a mascot and started to settle into their personal spaces, developed a system for taking care of the studio, created …

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