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What It Means to Learn by Doing and Why it is Considered More Effective

There are 87,498 elementary schools in the United States. In recent years, schools like Acton Elementary have been developing a new approach to education. One of the principles of the methodology involves learning by doing. This article will explore what it means to learn by doing and why it is considered more effective. It Encourages …

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How a Learner Driven Approach Can Transform Education

In Arizona, there are up to 1,089,394 students in schools. Providing quality education is still a challenge for many parents and institutions. One solution is to adopt a learner centered methodology to education to encourage curiosity and autonomy. In this article, we’ll examine some of the principles of the learner driven approach. Learning to Be …

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What You Can Expect When Enrolling Your Child into an Acton Private School

2020 was an odd year, with most parents counting the days to their kids getting back to school. With no in-person classes in public schools, some parents are not sure about the quality of education received during the period. Others are now questioning the longstanding standards and test-driven approaches to education for their kids. It …

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Week 22

This past week was productive and fun, with students showing no sign of being anxious as the exhibition day draws near. Learners discovered their Independent Learner Badge in Journey Tracker… filled with lots of fun INDEPENDENT challenges. One of their challenges was to bake a loaf of bread, resulting in messy kitchens across Gilbert and …

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Week 21

Another full week at East Valley Acton Academy had students asking great questions, making discoveries, working hard, and having fun! Students began the week by rereading the Contract and Rules of Engagement that they wrote at the beginning of the year, recommitting to them at what is almost our halfway point in the school year. …

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Week 20

At the beginning of this week, we celebrated a birthday with a learner that was shadowing with us for the day.  Their joy and curiosity will be a wonderful addition to our community. The mornings this week were filled with the pleasant hum of productivity. Students continued to work on their SMART Goals, taking each …

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Week 19

We had a full, exciting first week of 2021 at East Valley Acton Academy. Happy New Year!🥳 Students are taking on many roles over the next few months. They began a study this week of robotics and yoga 🧘🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️. They will build and program robots, ponder the difference between humans and robots, and practice daily …

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Week 18

Ancient Greece: Acton Athens Time Travel…Socrates Participating in a Socratic Smackdown. Discussing topics like “Agree or Disagree: Democracy is only as effective as the education system that surrounds it.” Volunteer Judges, rate the discussion and points made.   …Sparta…Athens…Greek Mythology… Learning about Greece and its surrounding countries. Salt Dough Map of Greece. Learning about Ancient …

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Week 17

Welcome back to our Blog! Thanks for your patience while our website was redesigned and moved to a new hosting service. Our 4th session Quest is an intense focus on Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology. In Writer’s Workshop, the learners have discussed and compared the Greek world view to the contemporary view. Several enjoyed writing …

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